Yes! We love PhpStorm™ (from IntelliJ IDEA). It's is a syntax-aware IDE that comes with a lot of amazing features. From Code Inspection, to Style Guidelines, to External Tools; you will find everything you need to build professional applications in PHP/JS/CSS and many other languages that PhpStorm™ supports via easy-to-install plugins.

PhpStorm also integrates with a wide variety of PHP-specific tools that we take full advantage of. For instance, we integrated: Phing, PhpUnit, PHP Code Sniffer, and PHP CS Fixer. PhpStorm brings the functionality of these tools right into our IDE, which makes everything so much easier.

Our Favorite PhpStorm Features

  • A set of custom Code Inspection guidelines that we established as a team here at WebSharks. We all share these guidelines in a public repo that all team members have access to. See: <>

  • A set of custom style guidelines that we established as a team here at WebSharks. This is by far the most powerful part of PhpStorm in our view. These style guidelines are also shared in our public PhpStorm repo. In addition to having easy-to-read code (which is so important) the enforcement of these style guidelines also prevents whitespace differences on GitHub; e.g., when reviewing a Pull Request, we are looking at changes in the code only, because we all use PhpStorm to format code in the exact same way. Not only this is super helpful, but the formatter/beautifier that enforces these style guidelines is best I have ever seen! Lots of configurable options.

  • Git integration that rocks! We love the command-line, but having a tight integration with Git right in your IDE is so convenient! We can pull, push, commit, review diffs, and even inspect our Git logs right inside the IDE. And, of course, there is also a built-in terminal that allows you to make subtle changes/tweaks from the command-line when necessary. We use GitHub, but this works with BitBucket too. And, of course, PhpStorm supports a wide variety of VCS repository formats—not just Git.

Learning Curve (Of Course!)

There is a learning curve when it comes to PhpStorm, but that's the case with any powerful IDE. I highly recommend taking some time to learn this editor. Find out what it can do for you and your team. There is a free trial available here. See: <> ~ Also, don't forget about the fantastic documentation that JetBrains maintains for PhpStorm. See: <>