This Quick Cache release candidate includes 1 new feature, 4 new enhancements, and 10 bug fixes. You can download and try out this release using the links below. Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Quick Cache LITE

Quick Cache LITE beta testers: Download Quick Cache LITE v140714 Release Candidate

Quick Cache Pro

Quick Cache Pro beta testers: Download Quick Cache Pro v140714 Release Candidate (you must be logged into your account at to access this download)

Installation Instructions

  1. Deactivate and Delete any existing Quick Cache plugin via Dashboard -> Plugins
  2. Download the release candidate using one of the links above
  3. Install the release candidate you downloaded by going to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and selecting the downloaded zip file
  4. Activate Quick Cache

Changelog for Quick Cache v140714

  • New Pro Feature: Auto-Purge XML Sitemaps. If you're generating XML Sitemaps with a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps, you can now tell Quick Cache to automatically purge any cached sitemap files whenever it purges a Post/Page cache. You may also specify a list of XML Sitemap patterns to clear, if you have multiple sitemap files. See also: #169
  • Enhancement (Pro): The Quick Cache Pro Updater now accepts a License Key in place of the WebSharks password.
  • Enhancement (Pro): In a Multisite Network, the Auto-Cache Engine will now also auto-cache each child blog. See also: #169
  • Enhancement: Improved overall performance by optimizing the auto-purge routines. See also: #130
  • Enhancement: The "GET Requests" UI Panel now explains that you can use ?qcAC=0 to disable caching when you ARE caching GET Requests. See also: #210
  • Bug Fix (Pro): 404 Caching now properly returns a 404 HTTP Status code when serving a cached 404 page. See also: #197
  • Bug Fix (Pro): The HTML Compressor now properly preserves [] character whitespace during CSS compression. See also: websharks/html-compressor#25
  • Bug Fix (Pro): The Pro Updater upgrade link now points to the correction location when displayed from a Child Blog in a Multisite Network. See also: #205
  • Bug Fix (Pro): The Auto-Cache Engine now correctly handles the sitemap when home_url() differs from site_url().
  • Bug Fix (Pro): The "Dynamic Version Salt" options panel now correctly displays the last saved value. See also: #231
  • Bug Fix: A custom WP_CONTENT_DIR is now obeyed in the scenario where it's set to a path outside of ABSPATH. See also: #95
  • Bug Fix: The UI now correctly displays custom WP_CONTENT_DIR in the "Directory/Expiration Time" options panel. See also: #206
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing unapproved, spam, and trash comments to unnecessarily purge the cache. See also: #159
  • Bug Fix: Quick Cache LITE now correctly sets the QUICK_CACHE_PRO constant to false. See also: #229
  • Bug Fix: Workaround for broken page navigation on the front page of some sites. This is a WordPress redirect_canonical() bug workaround. See also: #209

Please note that when this version leaves beta and an official release is made, the WordPress Plugin Updater will automatically detect the new version on and ask you to upgrade (applies to Quick Cache LITE). If you're using Quick Cache Pro, please configure the Pro Plugin Updater (Dashboard -> Quick Cache -> Plugin Updater) so that you are notified when there is a new official release.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.