This Quick Cache release candidate includes 5 new enhancements and 3 bug fixes. You can download and try out this release using the links below. Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Quick Cache LITE

Quick Cache LITE beta testers: Download Quick Cache LITE v140820 Release Candidate

Quick Cache Pro

Quick Cache Pro beta testers: Download Quick Cache Pro v140820 Release Candidate (you must be logged into your account at to access this download)

Installation Instructions

  1. Deactivate and Delete any existing Quick Cache plugin via Dashboard -> Plugins
  2. Download the release candidate using one of the links above
  3. Install the release candidate you downloaded by going to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and selecting the downloaded zip file
  4. Activate Quick Cache

Changelog for Quick Cache v140820

  • Enhancement: Auto-Purge RSS Feeds. Quick Cache will now automatically purge the cache for RSS/RDF/Atom Feeds when Feed Caching is enabled. This new option will purge the cache for the master feed, the master comments feed, feeds associated with comments on a Post/Page, term-related feeds (including mixed term-related feeds), and author-related feeds when you update a Post/Page, approve a Comment, or make other changes where Quick Cache can detect that certain types of Feeds should be purged. Issue #182
  • Enhancement: Improve handling of symlink creation for 404 cache files by using atomic symlink creation to decrease the possibility of encountering a race condition. Issue #242.
  • Enhancement: Improved portability of advanced-cache.php. This will help reduce configuration overhead for site owners when migrating a WordPress installation from one server to another. Issue #258.
  • Enhancement: Option Panels now have proper HTML anchor tags so that they work better with browser extensions that rely on anchor tags being available. Issue #260.
  • Enhancement (Pro): Improved error handling for the Auto-Cache Engine. There were some scenarios where XMLReader() would fail with a PHP Warning notice when it was unable to properly parse the sitemap. Issue #250.
  • Bug Fix: The cache directory is now properly removed when deleting the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard plugins list.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): The plugin upgrade notice no longer appears on Child Blogs in a Multisite Network. There was no security risk here; while the upgrade notice was shown, Child Blog admins who did not have permission to upgrade Network-activated plugins were unable to do anything with the message. Issue #259.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Fixed a bug where, in certain scenarios, a WordPress Plugin may break the JavaScript that controls the Clear Cache button on the Dashboard. See Issue #272.

Please note that when this version leaves beta and an official release is made, the WordPress Plugin Updater will automatically detect the new version on and ask you to upgrade (applies to Quick Cache LITE). If you're using Quick Cache Pro, please configure the Pro Plugin Updater (Dashboard -> Quick Cache -> Plugin Updater) so that you are notified when there is a new official release.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.