Quick Cache v141205 was released on December 5th, 2014. This release includes 2 important bug fixes.

Complete Changelog for Quick Cache v141205

  • Bug Fix: Addressed another issue with "Fatal Error: 'Unable to clear dir'" messages by adding new blocking methods for cache lock and unlock, making it so that cache writes (including clearing, purging, wiping) all gain an exclusive lock on the cache directory while work is underway. Props @jaswsinc. See #288.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a Home Page clearing bug that arose in the previous release as the result of an extra leading \/ in one of our regex patterns. Props @jaswsinc. See #365.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

Quick Cache LITE users should receive an update notification from within their WordPress Dashboard (Dashboard → Updates).

Quick Cache Pro users who have configured the Plugin Updater (Dashboard → Quick Cache → Plugin Updater) should receive a notification to upgrade on the WordPress Dashboard. If you have not configured the Plugin Updater, you can download the latest version of Quick Cache Pro by logging into your WebSharks-Inc.com account here.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub. If you are a Quick Cache Pro user and require priorty support, please open a support ticket here.