Quick Cache v150129 was released on January 29th, 2015. This release includes 3 bug fixes.

Complete Changelog for Quick Cache v150129

  • Bug Fix (Pro): Fixed a bug where the Pro Updater would fail when FTP or SFTP details via the WordPress Dashboard are required to perform updates. Props @jaswsinc. See #389.
  • Bug Fix: Several fixes for a stubborn bug related to "Fatal Error: 'Unable to clear dir'" error messages and errors referencing "SplFileInfo::getMTime(): stat failed". Props @jaswsinc. See #397.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Fixed a bug where the qcAC variable (used to force-enable/disable GET Request caching) was not respected properly whenever a URL contained a query string and a user was currently logged into the site. Props @jaswsinc. See #401.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

Quick Cache LITE users should receive an update notification from within their WordPress Dashboard (Dashboard → Updates).

Quick Cache Pro users who have configured the Plugin Updater (Dashboard → Quick Cache → Plugin Updater) should receive a notification to upgrade on the WordPress Dashboard. If you have not configured the Plugin Updater, you can download the latest version of Quick Cache Pro by logging into your WebSharks-Inc.com account here.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub. If you are a Quick Cache Pro user and require priorty support, please open a support ticket here.