WebSharks, Inc. has created this statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following statement discloses all of our information gathering and dissemination practices.

Contextual Definitions

  • "User(s)" means any and/or all persons who establish or access a connection to a site in the WebSharks, Inc. network.
  • "Customer(s)" or "Member(s)" means any and/or all persons gaining additional or paid access to Products and/or Services provided by WebSharks, Inc.
  • Contextual references to "you" or "your" or "you're" indicates You (i.e. the User or Member), depending upon your current status with our company.
  • "Product(s)" or "Software" is a reference to any and/or all software (free or paid) that is produced and/or distributed by WebSharks, Inc.
  • "Services" means an act or deed performed by WebSharks, Inc. (or by our Software, or a site in our network).
  • Contextual references to "WebSharks" or "we" or "us" or "our" or "our network" always refers to WebSharks, Inc. as an online entity (i.e. our company). This includes other sites within our our network; e.g. other divisions of WebSharks, Inc. that might be located on a different domain but still operated by WebSharks, Inc.

Children's Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy needs of children and we encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children's online activities and interests. We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13; nor do we target our websites, Products and/or Services to children under the age of 13.

Third Parties

We have never shared our Customers' names with third parties; unless, a User has specifically requested to receive special offers or promotions with an advertiser found on our website; or, if a User creates a public profile specifically for the purpose of being shared within an online community hosted or owned by WebSharks. Customer information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without the consent of the Customer, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased Product or Service requested by the Customer. We value your business and we respect your privacy.

Community Profiles

Information submitted through forms for the purpose of creating an online public profile may be shared publicly; depending on the privacy settings specified by the User, from within each community that each profile was created. We will never share a public profile in any manner that is not consistent with the privacy settings specified by the User that created the profile.

Public Postings / Blogs

We provide hosting Services for blogs and/or websites that are available for public viewing. If you, the User, decide to post blog entries or make other information available through hosted pages, Services, profiles, photo albums, or other public areas; we will not be held responsible for whom this information is viewed by, or how it is used by the public.

No Spyware / No Adware

None of the Software available from WebSharks contains any form of spyware or adware. Software (not ours; e.g. from third parties) that we may sometimes provide links for, is not within the control of WebSharks. Therefore, third party Software, may or may not contain forms of adware or spyware. We ask that you carefully read all license agreements related to any Software Product that you intend to download.

Data Collected

Your IP address is used to gather broad demographic information. In addition, we use cookies and 1x1 pixels. Cookies and 1x1 pixels are used to deliver better Services, provide account management, and targeted marketing messages to you, the User. These tools are used to collect anonymous data, and in some instances where personally-identifiable information has been provided by a User; to provide account Services, and/or to provide better/more relevant messages to that User.

Registration Forms

Our site registration forms require our Users to enter their email address, contact info, and sometimes personally identifiable information such as: email address, first name, last name, address, city, state, phone, date of birth, and postal/zip code. We use data provided through registration forms to send the User information about our company, create online community profiles, and to provide (or sell) various subscription Services and/or other Products.

Network Security

WebSharks has put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information that is collected. Various security technologies have been implemented to ensure that external parties cannot access or modify Users' personal information on the WebSharks network. Specifically, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is used on specific web pages to safeguard online purchase transactions. SSL technology is the industry standard protocol for secure, web-based communications.

Financial Information

Customer payment information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) are all processed securely through the PayPal® (Website Payments Pro) service. WebSharks does not store any Customer financial information on its own servers, OR in its own databases; regardless of whether you enter your financial information at WebSharks or directly through PayPal®. For more information about PayPal® and their privacy policies, please visit: http://www.paypal.com.


Our sites contain links and advertisements for various other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. In addition, we offer Services that provide access to online communities hosted by WebSharks. If you provide information for a public profile that is shared within one or all of these communities, we will not be held responsible for how this information is used by others who view such profiles.

Third-Party Hosting

WebSharks provides hosted Services which allow other Users to create their own blogs and/or websites. These hosted areas, which are operated by other Users (or third-parties, or non-WebSharks sites), are constantly reviewed for misuse. Because these areas are operated by other Users, any information submitted through any forms associated with these blogs or websites is not within our control. Therefore, any information you submit through pages or files which are hosted by non-WebSharks sites, or other areas operated by third-parties; is not subject to the terms of this privacy statement.


We use cookies to track whether or not visitors have seen or used our sites, Products and Services. Cookies are also used for advertising and tracking of advertising campaigns. In some cases, cookies may be used to store account identification information, or customized User settings and preferences for sites belonging to WebSharks. Some cookies may contain personally identifiable information.


If someone abuses our system, we may disclose their IP address and any pertinent information we have about them to law enforcement agencies or other organizations involved in apprehending that person. In addition, we reserve the right to work directly with law enforcement agencies that subpoena WebSharks for information related to any criminal investigation.


You may opt-out of all the Services, tools, Products, and/or Software that we provide at any time you wish. To opt-out of COOKIES, please disable COOKIES on your browser. To opt-out or delete all of your accounts, email, profiles, and/or other memberships or subscriptions associated with WebSharks; please contact us in writing (or via email); with a request for termination of such Services.


Daily backup information is stored on secure devices maintained by WebSharks. If you decide to opt-out of any or all of the Services offered by WebSharks; any information that was deleted, may remain on backup for a period not to exceed 30 days. After 30 days, any and all information that is stored on backup will have been permanently deleted as well.

Additional Policies (Included Herein by Direct Reference)

Other Divisions Of WebSharks, Inc.

Other sites and Services powered by WebSharks, Inc. (e.g. other divisions of our corporation) may have their own privacy policy as well as terms & conditions of use; specifically related to the Products and/or Services they provide. Please read the legal section within any site powered by WebSharks for further details.

Closing Statements / Acceptance / Changes


By using a website powered by WebSharks you indicate that you've read and agree to this Privacy Policy; and all other policies included herein. Please be sure that you also read our Terms/Conditions and Support Policy.


We reserve the right to change or modify our current Privacy Policy with no prior notice. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy we will post those changes on this page and/or update the modification date below. Any policy changes related to the purchase of a Product license will apply only to Products purchased after the date of the change.

This policy was last modified on: December 12th, 2014


Please contact WebSharks, Inc. if there are any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.

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