A powerful (responsive) WordPress® theme; built on Bootstrap.

s2Clean is an extremely flexible theme built for WordPress. It also utilizes the popular Bootstrap CSS/JavaScript frameworks designed by Twitter (a fully Responsive mobile-first design architecture). s2Clean transforms all of WordPress into a Bootstrap-compatible CMS, including support for all WordPress components; such as custom Post Types, Post Type Archives, custom Taxonomies, Post Formats, Menus, Widgets, Pages, Posts, the <!--more--> tag, custom Excerpts, Custom Fields, search results and more.

s2Clean is Very Easy to Install

  1. Upload the /s2clean folder to your /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  2. Activate s2Clean through the Appearance → Themes menu in WordPress®.
  3. Visit your Theme Options panel in the WordPress Dashboard to configure.


  • Updating to PSR-4 codebase layout.
  • Moving s2Clean Pro into websharks/s2clean repo.
  • Updating for PHP v7 compat.


  • Many subtle stylesheet enhancements.


  • Many subtle stylesheet enhancements.
  • Improving Markdown parser and additional new configurable options.
  • Adding support for Parsedown extra as a Markdown option.

  • Enhancing shortcode: [trending_posts /].


  • Enhancing shortcode: [trending_posts /].


  • Bringing back the Sharebar with a new/improved implementation.
  • Adding a new shortcode: [trending_posts /].


  • Enhancing the default set of Google Web Fonts that are configured to run with s2Clean.
  • Enhancing s2Clean's comment templates and functionality. Better styling, better consistency.
  • Adding additional CSS rules to enhance the presentation of Shareaholic features when running together with s2Clean.
  • Ditching the built-in Sharebar and integration with AddThis in favor of allowing site owners to choose the service they prefer.


  • Adding an automatic updater for the s2Clean theme (a premium product available @ www.websharks-inc.com). Updates for this theme can now be performed automatically through your WP Dashboard. In addition, update notices are now displayed automatically whenever a new version of the s2Clean theme is available for download. Please see: Dashboard → s2Clean → Theme Updater in the latest release.
  • Bug fix. Additional options made available by s2Clean when adding navigation menu items were not showing up until after a navigation menu had been saved at least once. These additional options now show up as soon as you add a new menu item. Fixed in this release.
  • Threaded comment pagination was not working properly when s2Clean was also configured to display pings in the list of comments.
  • Bug fix. Hashed anchor links were not working properly on sites that do NOT use fancy permalinks.
  • Bug fix. Custom feed link should NOT override comment feed link.
  • Improved PHP v5.3 Dashboard notice on sites that are running older versions of PHP.
  • Adding comment_form action hook to resolve issues in pagination and comment posting together with other plugins like Akismet.
  • Login links for comments now use #login-box for the best user experience.
  • Login links that open a modal #login-box now auto-focus the username input field.
  • Bug fix. Contact form not always working properly across various offsite domains. Fixed in this release.
  • Adding support for GitHub API calls against readme files parsed by the [wp_readme_tabs /] shortcode.
  • Improving WordPress conformity throughout all areas of the s2Clean codebase.


  • New shortcode: [wp_readme_tabs /].
  • New shortcode: [contact_form /].
  • Bug fix in Markdown processing routines (when/if Markdown was enabled).
  • Several minor improvements in layout design and CSS classes for optimization on mobile devices.
  • Several minor improvements in HTML role attributes; for accessibility purposes.


  • Initial release.