WebSharks, Inc. Located in Loganville, Georgia USA; WebSharks, Inc. is a global leader in world-class software development and project management. We support and encourage industry collaboration, and we're often engaged in joint ventures with online retailers and Internet service providers.

WordPress® (Our Speciality)

WordPress We've been developing themes & plugins for WordPress going on 5+ years now; and in that time we've learned to love WordPress for many reasons. Not only is WordPress a dream to work with; it's the growing community surrounding WordPress that's absolutely amazing. We're thrilled just to be a part of it!

We (the WebSharks™) are a team of WordPress gurus from various places around the world; ranging from Alaska to Switzerland. The team was originally started by lead developer Jason Caldwell and support specialist Cristián Lávaque. With the success of our wildly popular s2Member® plugin for WordPress (an open-source membership management system); the team grew quickly; and we've made it our mission since then to continually improve our product line.

Below you will find a few of the most popular WordPress plugins we've written. These are available through GitHub and WordPress.org.



Quick Cache



WP Snippets

WP Redirects

Our lead developer (Jason Caldwell) is quite well-known for his work on s2Member® Pro and Quick Cache. You will meet Jason in the s2Member video intros below.

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